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CHNSW 1001: Intro to Chainsaws

Trip Leader - Bennett Witcher

Trip Date: Friday, Oct 12, 2018
5:15 PM - 7:00 PM
Meeting Date: 5:15 PM
Trip Type: Other Max Attendees: 5 People
Attendee Restrictions: Open To Everyone Pets: Pets NOT Allowed
Drivers Requested: Yes Distance/Difficulty: - Moderate


   Chainsaw certification is coming up, which is a good excuse to break out our saws and show people how to use them correctly.

Come join us as we do a little chainsaw maintenance and show you how use one properly. If you've never held a saw, this is a good chance to do so while learning how to use one from experienced sawyers. You can even keep the wood-cookies you cut off the log.

Important: This is not a certification, and does not count as any sort of formal training. We're just teaching you how to respect the tool and use it in very simple cases (bucking logs with no bind). Chainsaws can easily maim or kill not only the user but also bystanders. Anyone that fails to treat the saw as a dangerous object will be asked firmly, and impolitely, to leave before they hurt themselves or others.

If you have your own PPE (chaps, ear/eye protection, gloves, etcs.) feel free to bring it, but we will also provide these. We'll be driving everyone out to where we're cutting in the CRC.


   Super Secret

Meeting Location

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What You Should Bring

   Chainsaw Appropriate PPE (if owned), sturdy shoes, water, and some common sense.

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