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Brush Clearing at Rice Fields Trip #3

Trip Leader - Laura Puckett

Trip Date: January 14th, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Meeting Date: 9:00 AM
Trip Type: Worktrip Max Attendees: 12 People
Attendee Restrictions: Open To Everyone Pets: Pets NOT Allowed
Drivers Requested: Yes Distance/Difficulty: - Strenuous


   Our previous trail maintenance officer, Simon McKay will be joining us for this worktrip, as well as the previous trip leader, Matt Vaughan - so it's a great opportunity to meet some experienced trail maintainers and hear about what they've been up to in life after VT. We will be cutting back shrubs and small trees to push back the open area border at Rice Fields a little closer to what it used to be. We will fan out with handsaws, loppers, and possibly a chainsaw or two for those who are chainsaw certified. Depending on the condition of the road, we will likely drive closer to the field before hiking the rest of the way in, but could be hiking the entire 2.5 miles in and 2.5 miles out on the A.T if the forest service road is too icy for driving. The forecasted high for Sunday is 26F, so dress in layers, bring food, and bring a thermos of something warm if you want. We will plan to be back in Blacksburg before 5:00.

Meeting Location

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What You Should Bring

   I would recommend bringing your own gloves because the work gloves that we provide are not intended for cold weather.

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